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Commencement and Moving Out

Sunday was my last day at Coe. The morning started off early, 7:45 AM to be exact, as I headed over to the band tent on the library quad. Commencement happens in front of the library and it is a beautiful thing to see. I've included a picture from Coe's website so you can see what I'm talking about.

Courtesy of the Coe College website
At the band tent (on the right hand side of the photo), we ran through our prelude music before having breakfast provided by Sodexo. Then, we began our prelude concert. We mainly played songs we had preformed earlier this year and they were conducted by the graduating music education majors. It was lovely and I think the audience enjoyed it.

When it was time for the seniors to march in, the band played College Rite, Coe's own version of Pomp and Circumstance. The ceremony began and the Commencement Address came from former Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Marsha Ternus.  The band concluded the ceremony with Coe spirit music.  It was all said and done at noon.

I came back to my nearly empty room and finished last minute packing before my family arrived to help me move out.  Again, I was an expert packer and it didn't take long for my dad, sister, and brother to move everything out.  An RA looked over my room, deemed it a-okay, and I turned in my key.  It was definitely a little weird to leave campus, knowing I won't be back until August and I'll be living in a different room (granted, it's right down the hall from my old room but still).  And of course, now I'm a sophomore and I've completed 1/4 of my undergraduate education.

Now just because it's summer, doesn't mean I'm going to stop my blog.  I've still got things to talk about and I hope to write some recaps, favorite memories, and other things to keep the blog going over the summer.  I'll be back to more regular posting once school starts again and I have more Coe related things to talk about.    


Cleared Out Campus

If I thought campus was empty at the beginning of this week, well I definitely wasn't ready for emptiness at the end of this week.  Yesterday was a big move out day since it was the last day of finals.  Heidi's family came down and now I've got the room all to myself.  It's weird though since half the stuff is gone, my voice kind of echos in the room.  Now that she has moved out I'm starting to pack myself, thinking if I start now it will be easier than starting Saturday night.  Today and tomorrow should be quiet days on campus, I'm planning on reading some books, hanging out with the friends left on campus, and packing.  On Sunday I'll play in the band for commencement and then move out.  One year down, three to go.  


Finals Have Officially Begun!

Campus is pretty quiet today as finals continue.  They started on Saturday but we had Sunday off so it didn't quite feel like finals time yet.  Now, the library is packed, the sunny quad, empty, and the dorm rooms filled with boxes as people prepare to take off for the summer.  All I've got left are revisions for a final project and my clarinet jury tomorrow morning.  Can't believe summer is almost here!

More to come! :)