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Weekend Before Finals Recap

Sorry this is so late. I've had this post waiting to be published but hadn't put the final "Hailley touches" on it. So here it is, better late than never! :)

My last weekend on campus was a memorable one. I had planned on spending Friday night catching up on some homework and it started out that way until I got a text from my friend Joe. He wanted to know if I was interested in co-hosting Blindspot (our talent show on campus) with my other friend Reid. Joe usually hosts but was feeling a little under the weather.

I decided I couldn't pass up a chance to host Blindspot so said yes and 30 minutes later, I was standing in the Dows Theater with Reid discussing our intro. It was a lot of fun and I did well! After Blindspot, I hung out with Reid and his friends and we played a version of Apples to Apples. Again, more fun and a great way to celebrate a week of hard work.

Saturday was spent doing homework and prepping for finals. After a full day of school work, it was time for Coe Monologues.

Coe Monologues was a brand new event this year hosted by our chapter of V-Day, an organization trying to end violence against women. Usually V-Day is active in the spring but this year they wanted to do events in the fall as well. In October, you could submit your own personal monologue and then it could be read anonymously in December. The subject was being a woman, sex, sexuality, and relationships specifically on Coe's campus. I wrote a monologue about my mom and the idea of being strong. I decided to read my own monologue on Saturday. Some people knew it was me and other thoughts I was just reading what someone else had submitted.

Of course, Saturday wasn't my first day reading my monologue. There were 14 readers and 21 monologues that were read in a two-act performance. We had four practices and then our performance. People who came on Saturday were asked for a $3 donation to Waypoint which supports children, women, and families in the Cedar Rapids area. We were able to raise over $350 that night!

It was a fantastic performance. The people there were great audience members and the readers definitely fed off of them well. I am so thankful in being able to read my monologue and be a part of something so fantastic. After the show, I got flowers from the wonderful Alison W. and then went out to dinner with Whitney, Chelsea, and Chelsea's mom.

Sunday was more studying, (what's new?), as well as the final Writing Center dinner. It's weekends like these that remind me why I love Coe so much.


FINALS. Completed.

Hello readers!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Finals definitely consumed my life and I finished up my last one last Friday. I then spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday packing and cleaning up. My dad, brother, and sister arrived on Sunday and we moved my things out of Coe and back to Wisconsin! Hard to believe I won't be coming back to campus in January but instead, heading to New York City. Can't wait.

So now I'm at home, relaxing after a difficult but rewarding semester and gearing up for my next adventure. I'll post a recap on my last weekend before finals because a lot of great stuff happened as well as a post revealing what my internship will be this spring. Then I'll probably be absent for a while as I enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. Expect a post in early January recapping 2012 and then I'll start back up once I head to NYC and begin my spring semester.

Lots to look forward to. Happy holidays!


Last Day of Classes!

If you can believe it, yesterday was my last day of classes. Today is Reading Day, a day devoted to students studying before final exams start on Wednesday.

I seriously cannot believe this semester is almost over. I have one clarinet jury, two finals, and one final paper to complete between now and Friday. Then I'll pack up everything and move back to Wisconsin since I'll be in New York this January. So so so crazy.

Even though it's Reading Day, I still have a full plate of things to do. They include:

  • Practicing my clarinet for my jury on Wednesday.
  • Mail the recently printed The Coe Reviews to poets not on Coe's campus. 
  • Support my friend Courtney as the play she wrote in her advanced playwriting class is performed. 
  • Lunch with my friend Alexis.
  • Help host the publication release event for The Coe Review.
  • Work in the Writing Center.
  • And OF COURSE, study for my finals and work on my final paper.
Never a dull moment right? Because I'll be busy with school, I've queued a few posts to entertain you until I'm all done with finals! Enjoy! :)


B&F Day: Another One in the Books

So, if you haven't heard, I'm completing my second semester as Student Senate Treasurer. It's one of my favorite club positions to hold on campus because it's a great way for me to interact with clubs and see all the great things they are doing.

One of my responsibilities is to hold Budget and Finance Day, a grand old day where every club on campus that would like money for the next semester presents in front of the committee. The committee has the right to approve or deny aspects of the budget. It's a long day (we start at 8 AM) but it's worth it.

So on snowless December 1st, I woke up and drove to Bruegger's to get bagels for the committee. My committee started showing up around 7:50 AM and we started the budget presentations shortly after 8 AM. We went until lunch and then took a break for Panchero's. Then we went back to budgets.

L to R: Hailley, Alexis, Peter, and Ashley
Overall, it was a great day. It was nice because I had run the day before so I knew what to expect. I'm glad it went well but I'm also glad it's done.

Post B&F, I came back to my apartment, did a little homework, and then had a few friends over to unwind after a full day. It was nice to have people over, recapping the day, or just talking about finals, Winter Break plans, and our lives in general. Perfect example of my kohawk family.

Chocolate gold coins were being thrown at us because we're GOLDEN! :)