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Summer Hiatus is Over! New Posts Coming Soon!

I've had a good (and busy) start to my summer.  Between catching up with family and friends and working part time at the public library in Mt. Horeb, I haven't had much time to do all the things I've been planning on doing.  Although I will say I have caught up on sleep(!) and have read a few books FOR FUN.  I've also got some books to read before the school year starts again and you'll hear all about them in later posts!  This is a little teaser to let you know posts are coming back, especially in July and August.  For the month of July I'll be featuring students who did something exciting through Coe either over our May Term or right now, over the summer.  Scatter in a few book reviews, some tips for incoming freshman, and a history of Coe overview and we're at the end of August when I'll be moving in for YEAR TWO.  Crazy.  I'll be posting again to give you a lineup of the students I'm featuring but I'm waiting for a few answers so the lineup isn't set quite yet.

Hope my readers are enjoying the sun but wearing an appropriate amount of sunscreen so they don't burn themselves!