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Freshman Toolbox

Coming to Coe this fall? Wonderful, I'm glad you'll be here. Now being a freshman can be a daunting idea. You're leaving your house, your family, and your high school friends behind for a whole new experience. But believe me, college is worth all the hype. Every time I give a tour I remember why I came to Coe. I wouldn't change it for the world. The experiences I'm having here will not only prepare me for the "real world" but also help me succeed in whatever I end up doing!

Nevertheless, it's okay to be a bit nervous. Luckily, you came to just the right place! Below are all sorts of post I've written the past two years on being a freshman. From what to expect to tips, it's all here in one handy place! It's sort of like your own personal toolbox!

As always, if you still have more questions, feel free to Google chat with me (the right hand side of this blog) or send me an email at

All the best,