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English Major Triumphs

I am enjoying this semester so much.  The material I'm learning in my classes are fascinating and also overlap a lot, which strengthens my connections to the class and helps me remember the material better.  I also have moments, like the two I had yesterday, that once again confirm my decision to major in English.

The first happened in the library with two of my classmates in my Literary Analysis class.  We were working on a group explication of a poem.  It happened to be Valediction Forbidding Mourning by Adrienne Rich, which is a fantastic poem.  We were doing a close reading it, which is where we look at every word and try to figure out what the author is telling us.  The poem was tripping us up and we couldn't get past this one line.  We knew it was crucial to unlocking the meaning of the poem, but we couldn't find the key.  Suddenly, I figured it out.  "What if," I started and made a connection.  My two classmates whispered-yelled, "OH MY GOSH.  THAT MAKES SENSE."  We had found the key.  We were so happy but also felt slightly ridiculous for making a small scene on the first floor of the library.  We felt so ridiculous we started laughing.  "English majors," we said, our voices mixed with admiration and sarcasm.  Once we recovered, we kept on reading.  Unlocking the poem was incredibly satisfying and I sort of wish I could do that all the time.  It adds a whole new layer to the poem which makes the reading more interesting.  Gives you more to think about.

The second moment occurred later Monday night in the Writing Center.  I was plugging away at my Mythology homework and suddenly all the pieces started coming together.  In the chapter it would mention certain gods and then I would look through my notes or my mythology dictionary to add more depth to the god I was reading about.  I'm so excited to be taking this class because I think mythology is fascinating and it will also be helpful in reading the Renaissance sonnets that I love so much.  I finished my mythology homework in no time and I know I made some really good connections that will help me retain the material.

It was a good night of productive homework.  Yes.


Blindspot 2012

It was a good Friday night.  I first checked out the comedian sponsored by SAC.  Jim Tavare performed and he was funny.  Jim's big claim to fame is that he played Tom the innkeeper in the third Harry Potter movie.  From there it was off to Blindspot.  After dealing with a few technical problems, we got the show going.  It was a fantastic, fantastic show; so many great acts.  The best part were that the acts were extremely varied, which is very nice.  Alison P and I also performed and it went wonderfully.  Everyone enjoyed our act.  And I realized I ADORE performing at Blindspot.  It's fun standing on the stage and just having fun.  Especially with something that I love, aka literature.  It's fun to take something that many people might see as "boring" and find ways to make it accessible to anyone and to make it fun and amusing.  I think Blindspot is a perfect representation of the community spirit at Coe.  Everyone comes to Blindspot and you know that when you perform, all your fellow Kohawks in the audience are supporting you.  And even once your act is over, you'll get compliments for at least the next week.  


Happy Friday!

Hey everyone!

Well, we got through our first full week of this lovely second semester.  As usual, mine was jammed packed and I'm excited to relax a little this weekend.  I'm about to head off to a comedian and then our first Blindspot for 2012.  Alison P and I are performing so get ready!  I'm pumped.

More to come! :)


Presidential Debates 2012

I apologize for being a little behind on my blogging; my classes have taken off as well as my clubs and I've had to stay up late a few nights this week to get my homework done.  It's been a little intense.  But I love it, trust me. 

Anyways, the race for the next Student Body President has begun.  We had the debates on Tuesday and the elections are next Tuesdays.  This year we have three parties running.  Jen and Sidney, Anna and Max, and Chelsea and Jordan.  The debates were fairly well attended and I think it gave students a chance to see what the candidates are hoping to do if they are elected. 

I'll keep you up to date on what happens on Tuesday!  Senate will be getting a change of pace which will be exciting.  I'm excited to see what happens this semester.


Saturday Homework in the Writing Center

I've now got seven days of classes under my belt and let me tell you, the homework has already started piling up.  I love love love my classes so my homework is fun and exciting.  But anyways, Heidi and I woke up early and headed over to the Writing Center to get some work done.  Although the Writing Center is closed on Saturday, any consultant is allowed to access the space any day of the week.  We sat at the big table in the back room of the WC and worked all day.  I accomplished so much -- only have a few things to take care of tomorrow and I'll be golden for the start of the week.

Going to grab Indian food with Alison W. tonight and then I'm going to see Beauty and the Beast (in 3D!) with some other friends.  Should be a fun night in celebration of all that I've accomplished so far this weekend!


Scratch Track Wednesday

One of our most active clubs on campus, SAC (Student Activity Committee) hosts a coffeeshop artist every Wednesday in the PUB.  Last semester, I worked in the Writing Center when the artist was performing.  This semester my Wednesday nights are free so Alison W. and I headed over to the PUB to hear Scratch Track.  They had performed on campus last year and were excited to be back for Round Two.

I am so glad I went; we had a blast.  They were lively, had catchy music, passionate about what they were doing, and just had an awesome stage presence.  They even started a small dance party at the very end.  I can't tell you what a fantastic study break this was.  I've included one of the songs they sang last night.  Enjoy!



Another update

Woah, so it's only the first weekend of the new semester, and I've already been busy.  Currently, I'm back in the PUB with Alison P. working on homework and watching the Golden Globes.

The rest of my week was wonderful.  I ADORE all my classes and they will be challenging.  But, I know that in May, I will have learned a lot and taken so much out of these four classes.  It's incredibly exciting and I can't help but nerd out a little bit every time I think about this upcoming semester.

My weekend was filled with catching up with friends.  I worked in Admissions on Saturday morning and gave a tour to a lovely prospective student.  I also checked out the girls and boys basketball game on Saturday afternoon.  That was fun.

Tomorrow we don't have class in honor of Martin Luther King Day.  I've already has lots scheduled: from laundry to Admissions to finishing up some homework, it should be a productive day.


Things to Look Forward To: SECOND SEMESTER

Had my first day of second semester today.  It went super well.  I loved my two classes today and it was nice to be back in Admissions again.  Here is what is on tap for this semester.

- Ancient Mythology.
- Advanced French Language: Strategies for Infiltrating French Culture
- Literary Analysis
- Honors Non-Western Society

- Managing Editor of Coe Review
- Co-editor of the Pearl
- Student Senate senator
- Clarinet lessons
- Member of Offstage Players

- Admissions (lots going on this semester such as Scholarship Weekend and Admitted Students Weekend)
- Writing Center

- Presidential Ball
- Flunk Day
- Graduation

I can't wait.  I'm looking forward to all the great things that will happen this semester.  And of course, once this semester is over I'll be headed to England for a May Term.  So excited.

Well, should probably get back to the homework I got assigned earlier today.  Have two more classes tomorrow, a clarinet lesson, and then am working two shifts in the Writing Center.    


Well I made it back safe and sound to campus yesterday.  I unpacked and then spent the rest of the time catching up with all my friends.  It was so nice to reunited with my Coe family!  Glad to be back.

Going to run some errands around campus this morning before my first class, Ancient Mythology at 10 AM.  Then it's off to French at 11 AM and then I work in Admission at 2 PM.  Pretty nice for my first day, right?

More to come! :)


Woah! Where did break go?


Hello!  Sorry it's been a while since I last made a post.  I got home and got busy catching up with family and friends, sleeping, and in general, relaxing after a busy semester.  Suddenly, it's the ninth of January and I'm headed back to Iowa and Coe tomorrow.  WOAH!  Crazy, right?

This semester should be just as fun as the last.  I'm taking some great classes, being involved with some fantastic clubs, and still working in both Admissions and the Writing Center.

Well, I should get back to packing but I'll write soon!