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About Me

A new reader to the blog?  Here are some basic facts about me, Hailley Fargo. I've been blogging since freshman year and LOVE it. 

Name: Hailley Fargo
Hometown: Mt. Horeb, WI
Major/Minor: English major with Writing and French minors
Graduation Year: 2014
Involved in: Writing Center, Concert Band, clarinet lessons, Coe Review, the Pearl, Alpha Nu, Student Senate, OffStage Players, and Admissions Assistant.
Why Coe?: The community; I love the people here.  I loved the English department and the literary publications (Coe Review and the Pearl) opportunities.  Also being offered a job in the Writing Center was an offer I couldn't refuse.  

First Year Seminar class: A Tempestuous Season taught by Rick Eichhorn.  It was all about the 2008 financial crisis.
Favorite classes: FYS, Honors Composition (spring 2011), Globalization (Honors spring 2012), Shakespeare: Histories and Tragedies (fall 2012), and Literary Analysis (spring 2012).
Favorite place to study: That's hard.  I love second floor long tables at the library but I also love this one corner booth in the PUB. And while those study spaces are excellent, they aren't always open 24/7. For that space, come check out the Writing Center. Considering I have a mug in there that is entitled "The Girl Who Never Leaves" that's probably a good indicator of how much time I spend there.  

Where have I lived?: My freshman and sophomore years I lived on sixth floor Murray. Murray is the co-ed residence that is also the tallest building on campus. The fall semester of my junior year, I lived in Schlarbaum, a Coe apartment on College Drive. These apartments house four students and each student gets their own bedroom, share a bathroom with one of their roommates, and have a shared living room and kitchen. The spring of my junior year, I lived in the Hotel Belleclaire during Coe's New York Term.
What do you like about Murray?: I love the murals on each floor in the lobby.  Also, I love how there are all ages in the building; you meet a lot of interesting people in the elevators.
What do you like about Schlarbaum?: Having my own room. And my own kitchen. The apartments are beautiful. I loved Murray but can imagine living in the residence halls after living in an apartment.
Who have I lived with?: My longest roommate has been Heidi and we actually met when we were visiting campus our senior years of high school. We hit it off right away, exchanged contact information, and ended up requesting each other for roommates. We lived together freshman, sophomore, and the fall of our junior year. Our freshman year, Heidi and I did live with Sabrina, a German foreign exchange student. And when we lived in an apartment, we also roomed with Whitney and Alison C.

How easy is it to be involved on campus?: Super easy.  We have so many organizations that cater to everyone.  If you can't find something to be involved in, come talk to me because I will be shocked.  You end up in clubs your friends are a part of, or you make brand new friends when you join a club that just sounds really interesting to you.  Being involved is a crucial part of your Coe experience, in my opinion.
Weekend plans?: There's always something to do on the weekends.  I love a good old game or movie night in my room, but our Student Activities Committee (SAC) does a great job of hosting free weekend events both on and off campus.  
Top three weekend events: Ice skating, Blindspot (a variety show in Dows Theatre), and movie nights.

What's the job situation?: Well, I have both a work study and a Fellowship (that one is through the Writing Center).  Work study is awarded via the Financial Aid Office.  My freshman year, I worked at the cafeteria for one semester and the library for the other semester.  Sophomore year I moved to working with the Admissions Department.  The Fellowship was awarded to me through being a Writing Center consultant.
How many hours a week do you work?: Six in both Admissions and the Writing Center.