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A Weekend of Working Out!

Another weekend came and went, and this one was one active weekend. While I wasn't exploring downtown Cedar Rapids, I did get a chance to put my legs to work!

Saturday was a beautiful day. The sun was out and the humidity was low. My friend Mariah and I went on a bike ride. Our destination was Ely, which, round trip ended up being about 20 miles. The trail was relatively flat and I had never been on that part of the trail before, so that was exciting. When we arrived in Ely, we went for a cup of coffee at The Retreat, a fairly new coffeeshop.

It's my favorite type of coffeeshop, aka built inside an old Victorian house. We ordered our drinks and then sat outside in their gazebo, chatting. When we were ready to hit the road, we made sure to take a picture first to remember the afternoon. 

On Sunday, I biked to the other side of campus to the football field. I wanted to get a little run in and ended up going for three miles! For me, this was a big feat (I'm not a huge runner). Since it was Sunday, all was peaceful and calm. I stood on the football field before I biked home and realized how much I would miss this atmosphere in a couple of weeks. 

My Sunday ended with another bike ride to the library and some roof reading. The library had some live music out on the patio, so it was nice to hear the music rising up to the roof while I read Rebecca Solnit's The Faraway Nearby. After a few hours of reading, I got back on my bike and made my way back to Coe. 

I went to bed on Sunday, tired yet relaxed from such a great weekend. My legs sure got a workout, but I was feeling great!