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We chose Coe, will you?

Watch this.
Now, imagine this: Hailley walks into work on a Monday after spending some quality time in Wisconsin. On her two and a half hour drive back, her mind is reeling in stop motion clips, trying to figure out the "plot" of the second video. By the time she pulled into Coe's parking lot, the top 40 radio station blaring (classic Hailley move), the only shot she has in her mind is the final one. She imagines a golf cart, full of Coe students. They are making one statement, We chose Coe. But instead of ending it there, they challenge the viewer with the question, Will you? The golf cart pulls away, the "bump, bump, bump" of the stop motion as the image fades to black.

With that shot in mind, Hailley brainstormed the rest of the video with her coworker Alex and the other Admission staff members. Finally, a plot comes together.

The rest is history.

Okay, so not really, but it was the only way I could get out of the third person. But seriously, that's how the second promotional IPCW video began. With an idea in the car as I sang along to music I exclusively listen to while I'm driving because I love to sing.

The day we took photos for the majority of the video, was probably one of my all time favorite days in the office. We bopped around campus in that golf cart and shot the scene I pictured some perfectly in my head. It was also a beautiful, non traditional July day, so the weather was definitely rooting for us.

I love this video. One of my best I think, for all sorts of reasons. All and all, I think it captures Coe. It captures the things we are proud of, such as our location, strong and challenging academics (how many books do you bet were mine!?!), and the Kohawk family that is second to none. It captures Coe's quirkiness, our ability to stand out and shine. It captures the spirit of Kohawks, about how we come from all over the place, but once on campus, we're a family.

Moral of the story: sign up for Iowa Private College Week. You won't want to miss this week.