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Busy Weekend at Coe

This is the last weekend before our Spring Break starts.  So, to go out with a bang, this weekend is packed.  We are running everywhere while at the same time, prepping for upcoming midterms.  Here's some of the weekend highlights:

  • Jazz Summit in Marquis and Sinclair.  Middle and high school jazz bands from across the state of Iowa are coming to Coe to play their music and receive critique.  The summit started on Thursday and will conclude tonight with a concert by Coe's jazz band along with some guest artists.  
  • The PUB is getting heavily used; a comedian was there last night, followed by Five Dollar Prom co-hosted by one of our sororities and one of our fraternities on campus.  Tonight, Cedar Rapids Dance Marathon and Rugcutters are hosting another dance.  
  • SAC hosted late night ice skating at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena.  
  • The track team has their conference track meet today at Cornell.  
  • Both the boys' and girls' basketball team won their games in the conference tournament on Thursday night.  The girls are headed to Simpson this afternoon and the boys play Buena Vista at Eby tonight.  
  • The boys' tennis team plays Carthage and Wartburg today at the Clark Racquet Center.  
  • Another sorority on campus, the Tri Deltas, is hosting their annual Dessert Gala which hosts money for their philanthropy, St. Judes.        
Needless to say, we are keeping busy.  Lots of fun to be had.  


Scholarship Weekend 2012

As I told many prospective students, Scholarship Weekend has a soft spot in my heart.  Two years ago, I visited Coe for the second time, had a fantastic experience, and even got some snow!  I love Scholarship Weekend because it's my opportunity to give back and meet prospective Kohawks who might have the same sort of experience I've had.

Friday was a busy day.  I arrived at Admissions at 8 AM and helped walk students to classes and whatever odd jobs Admissions had.  I left the Nassif House for an hour and a half to take my Mythology test and finish a scholarship application.  Then it was back to talking to prospective students and their parents.  I had a wonderful time.  I ate lunch with a boy and his mom and two parents from Colorado.  We discussed a lot of great topics and I was called, "a great communicator."  That made me feel fantastic!  I spent the rest of day giving three tours (all sort of different, which was fun) and talking to people.

I had the pleasure of helping out with the English Department Open House on Friday afternoon and then hosting two prospective students.  Annika stayed just for Friday night before being picked up by her parents and Anna stayed overnight with Heidi and I in Murray.  Both are amazing girls and I hope they chose Coe (they would make FANTASTIC KOHAWKS).  We saw a bunch of great things, such as the acapella group Ball in the House, the Vagina Monologues, and Blindspot.  Friday night was definitely packed; it kept us on our toes.

I woke up Saturday morning, took Anna to breakfast, and then teamed up with one of my favorite professors on campus, Gordon Mennenga, to interview students for English department scholarships.  We met some great students once again and discussed books, writing, New York term, and a variety of other things.  My day finished off with helping Admissions and talking to students.  I think by that time, they were pretty tired of us asking them if they had any more questions, but I think everyone who came this past weekend had an enjoyable time.

If any prospective students who were on campus last weekend are reading this, thank you for coming.  On behalf of the entire Coe community, I hope you had a good visit.  And I hope if Coe is the right fit for you, you will join us on campus in the fall.  We would love love love to have you.  And of course, if you have any questions, comment here and let me know.  I would love to answer them.  :)  


Panera and Frozen Yogurt: Reward for a long and successful weekend

This past Friday and Saturday, I was swamped helping Admissions with Scholarship Weekend.  I'll be posting a recap of all the cool things I did and all the amazing people I met in the near future!

Anyways, to celebrate the end of a successful Scholarship Weekend, my friend Anna B. and I decided to go out for dinner.  Anna B. is our new student body president and she and I wanted to talk about some Senate things but also catch up!  We ate dinner at Panera, chatted long after our food was gone, and then headed over to Orange Leaf, the new frozen yogurt venue in Cedar Rapids.  Orange Leaf is an ADORABLE place, decorated in bright orange and white.  Along one wall are a bunch of frozen yogurt machines and YOU, yes you, get to pick out what flavors you want and how much you want.  To finish off your frozen yogurt creation, you add some toppings and then pay the cashier by the weight of your dessert.  It's really neat!

My Saturday night ended with homework in my room.  Since I've been busy all day Friday and Saturday, it seemed like the best idea!  The frozen yogurt was delicious and the conversation was fantastic!  I love nights like these because I get a chance to catch up with friends and take a little break from campus to explore Cedar Rapids.  It's a win-win for everyone involved!


Get Ready for Scholarship Weekend

Woah!  This week has been so busy for me; I have a Mythology test on Friday and I've been hard at work in my other classes and for my clubs.  Sometimes it seems like I never stop moving!  Anyways, Friday starts our Scholarship Weekend.  I'll be spending most of my day with Admissions -- from giving tours to escorting students to just chatting with families.  I'm very excited.  I'm also helping out with the English Department Open House on Friday night and then bright and early on Saturday morning I'll be helping with the English Department interviews.  Again, I'm pumped to meet some future Kohawks! 

More to come!!


Pres Ball Recap

Alison P. and I
Last night was an excellent night of fun and dancing.  My night started out with a trip to Biaggis for dinner.  The food was excellent, and it was nice catching up with my friends.  We got back to campus, warmed up (because it was freezing outside along with snow flurries), and then headed to the dance.  The live big band was playing and everyone was looking lovely.  Halfway through the dance, President Phifer, his wife, Anna, and Max made a toast.  We finished off the night with more dancing.  I came back to my room and went to sleep.  Overall, a lovely night.  I've included some pictures. :)

Tess, Whitney, and Kristine

Whitney and I

Anna and Nicki

Alison W. and I, braving the snow

Roommates picture!


Getting Ready for Pres Ball!

Well happy Friday!  Today is a BIG day on campus because tonight is Presidential Ball.  The dance happens in the Eby Fieldhouse.  It is going to be so much fun.  Currently, I'm getting ready, have already curled my hair.  I had to stop by Voorhees earlier today and it already smelled like hairspray.  We girls just love dressing up.

Best be getting back to getting ready.  I'm going with a group out to dinner and then we will hit up the dance.  I'll post more this weekend!


Alternate Scholarship Weekend Recap

On Sunday, 80 students and their families came to Coe for Alternate Scholarship Weekend.  Scholarship Weekend is our big program in February where admitted students have the opportunity to receive departmental scholarships.  Basically, you come to Coe and interview with an area you're interested in.  Even if you don't end up majoring in that area once you get to Coe, you still receive the scholarship.  It's also a great time to meet other students who might be fellow Kohawks with you in the fall.  Scholarship Weekend always brings back fond memories of meeting Heidi, some professors, and other great experiences I had during my snowy February weekend at Coe in 2010.

This past Sunday was Alternate Scholarship Weekend so students who can't attend our main event on Friday, February 17th and Saturday, February 18th can still receive additional money.  I met many great students who I hope had a fantastic time.  I also hosted a prospective student who was interested in majoring in English.  Lucky for her, I had just the perfect things to do Sunday night.  I had a Literary Analysis presentation today so my group met on Sunday night to rehearse.  My prospective student got a taste for the life of an English major.  She also got to experience Sunday night dinners in the Writing Center.  We ate like kings on Sunday with turkey, green beans, corn, homemade bread, and brownies.  It was lovely and delicious.  We rounded out the night by watching a movie with some friends.  It was a wonderful way to end the weekend.

I hope all the prospective students who were here on Sunday had an enjoyable time and I can't wait to meet so many more prospective Kohawks in two weeks!


Student Senate Promotion!

On Tuesday we had our elections for Student Body President and Vice President.  The race was close but Anna and Max won.  Both are my age and I've had both of them in classes and have worked with them in the Writing Center and Admissions, respectively.  They had asked me to be the treasurer if they won and I accepted. 

On Wednesday night I was officially sworn into office.  I took over for my friend, Whitney, who spent last semester showing me the ropes of being the treasurer.  It's going to be a lot of hard work, but in all honesty, I can't wait.  I love Senate and by being treasurer, I will be able to help the clubs out on campus even more. 

This weekend I'll spend some time getting situated and organize things so I'm ready to start next week.  Be on the lookout for various updates as I navigate my way through supplementary allocations and budgets.  It's going to be a wild ride! 


Check out some study abroad blogs!

As much as I love that you're reading my blog, I'm posting some links below to some more blogs you might want to check out.  The three blogs below are Writing Center friends of mine who are currently studying abroad this semester.  Millie, a sophomore, is studying on Coe's Asia Term.  Kayla, a junior and my Writing Fellow from freshman year, is in Botswana through ACM (Associated Colleges of the Midwest), and Emily, a junior and a co-worker of the Coe Review, is in New York interning through Coe's New York Term.  I hope you check them out and discover some neat things about a few of our study abroad options at Coe.