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Opening Night of Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

On Friday night I attended Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992.  It was opening night and I couldn't wait to see it especially since Alison (P) was in the cast.  It was definitely another long play, going on three hours with an intermission and it was different.  This play was movement based which meant the actors really used their bodies to express their characters' emotions.  The play is all monologue based and the twelve actors had three different monologues.  The play was based off the Rodney King beatings and witnesses who shared their experience with Anna Deavere Smith, a playwright.  It really got at the issue of the beatings and the riots that followed the trial of the police officers: racial tension.  There was a lot of tension, and I think through the monologues we were better able to see it.  I would say it was definitely an experimental piece for the theater department because there were chunks where the actors came out and did movement, even moving the props on stage was movement with a purpose.  Overall, I liked it and got job to the cast and crew for a successful show.  Twilight ran last weekend and has three more performances: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.